Argo Inputs Prodcuts

Irrigation Drip Systems SHOULD BE ACCURATE, reliable and flexibile. Our design and its components are usually determined according to the grower’s strategy and the quality required by the crop.

Flora Crop Management Tech- nologies include a wide range of precision control and monitoring products. These tools are designed to extend your management skills on to the field, allowing you to attend to other demanding tasks with complete peace of mind.

njection of the different fer- tilizer components and the acid takes place by means of a booster pump and several vénturis. In case of electrical malfunction, it is possible to override the system manually. The machine can inject two dif- ferent A and B solutions regu- lating acid. A separate circuit for dosing fungicides and insecticides is supplied.

The irrigation boom allows com- prehensive control over most of the centralized irrigation process in the greenhouse or nursery. It is equipped with sprinklers at a distance of 30 cm, each consuming approximately 2.5 liters of water per minute at a pres- sure of 2 bars. Another benefit of the irrigation boom is its ability to fertilize and disinfect the crops during the irrigation process.