Quality statemen

FLORA is committed to consistently meeting customer's expectations in service, delivery and product satisfaction. FLORA for agricultural Services promotes continuous improvement of customer’s satisfaction by maintaining and continually reviewing a compliant Quality Management System.

We adhere to the following :

  • Maintain staff that is able to interpret, advice, clarify and conform to the clients’ requirements.
  • Ensure, by proper selection and examination that goods supplied and/or incorporated are suitable, fit for purpose and safe.
  • Ensure that goods and systems are installed in a satisfactory manner.
  • Ensure completed installations are operational and functional.
  • Property plan, control and document, in a systematic manner, those procedures necessary to provide the specified level of Quality Assurance.
  • Maintain such records as will substantiate the Quality Assurance applied throughout each project undertaken.
  • Provide evidence of quality by demonstration where required.
  • Determine and define the design intent and performance standard.
  •     Convey appropriate design parameters to those responsible for purchasing, installing, erecting or maintaining the product.

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