FLORA has become a leading company in installing greenhouses in the UAE with over 500 acres built all around the country. From the conception of your projects through construction & commissioning. We will advice you of the solutions best adapted to meet your particular needs and help you to implement them.
Our team members has more than 20 years of experience that will definetly provide conevnient and reliable service for you. We owe our technological advance products to our intimate knowledge of problems on the ground and to our policy of sustained investment and strategic relationship with quality international suppliers. This leaders technological advance is our duty to you.

Discover Greenhouse

For a successful horticultural project with the maximum production of highest quality you need the best systems made today,all our systems are fully integrated in the overall design.

Flora offer all the range of special covering material which incorporates special additives & pigments to modify the light spectrum entering the greenhouse and increasing its lifetime. flora will choose the right cover for you according to the crop.

You cannot leverage the climate outside, but by controlling the climate within a closed environment you can create, and consistently maintain the optimal conditions for growth. With the right systems. Typically these conditions fall between 25° and 30°C and 80% humidity.