Argo Inputs Prodcuts

Flora carries a wide range of seeds covering fruits, vegetables, leaf vegetables and root vegetables proven to be the best breeds and highest producing in their categories.

Flora offers fumigation services for indoor and outdoor fields. Please contact our sales department for prices.

Flora has a broad portfolio of agricultural crop protection chemicals including herbicides,insecticides,fumigants and fungicides.

Reverse osmosis is the most common method for reducing high EC in irrigation water. With this system,dissolved and suspended substances are separated from water and discarded. Reverse osmosis can remove up to 99 percent of salts by forcing water through a semipermeable mem- brane. It also removes organic material, particulates and bacteria.

1.Collecting drainage water from a soilless substrate, and using
it to irrigate an adjacent crop grown in soil (open system).
2. Recycling drainage water in a closed system; with or without disinfecting the drainage water. 3. Recycling drainage water diluted with desalinated water.

Flora can provide substrates, chemical & organic fertilizers. We can personalize fertilizing programs according to each clients’ specific needs. Contact our sales representa- tive to learn more about these services.

Flora provides and delivers a wide range of tools to improve product usage while enhancing efficiency. we can advise as to which type Based on an understanding of of machinery fits your operation. the diverse needs and requirements of end-users.

We have almost every plastic product that is used in horticulture in our assortment.

Flora carries the full range
of organic products from seeds,biological pesticides & organic fertilizers. Please refer to our organic brochure tofind out more

At the heart of any irrigation system are filters, control valves, air valves and water meters. flora offers a va- riety of products for all purposes and applications, ranging from simple and manual to fully automated systems.