Covering Material Prodcuts

flora greenhouse films combine toughness and long life time with optional features such as thermic effect, anti-fogging effect, disease-control function and other useful characteristics that transform the film to an active contribution to plant protection and growth.

With conventional glazing, energy is often wasted because of poor insulation. PLEXIGLAS® multi-skin sheets allow energy savings & c02 reduction of up to 55 percent . Additionally, the high light transmission and the uniform, more easily regulated climate is
beneficial for plants, which grow rapidly and are in good condition

Specific weight: 1.4 kg/ m3 Good resistance to chemical agents Good resistance to bad weather Excellent resistant to impacts Light transmission 70% Heat transmission : 68%

In our region there is too much sunlight and a high level of cooling at night, Hortiplus N provides a perfect solution. It allows less sunlight in during the day and retains the heat at night.
An additional feature is the neutral appearance of Hortiplus N.

The surface of this material is protected from the degradation effects of UV radiation by a proprietary co-extrusion process. Beneficial infrared light passes through the material promoting an ideal growth environment.Effective heat loss reduction when used instead of regular glass.

Our range of netting incorporates durable flat tape threads and double lock-stitch tearproof technology to produce the ultimate woven shade product.
Tested in the Middle East for UV life span in excess of 10 years.